Homie History

David Gonzales released the first set of these elaborate 2 inch figures in 1998. The original six characters were available in gum ball machines and included: La Raza, Mr. Loco, 8-Ball, Sapo, Smileyand Droopy.  Fortunately for Gonzales, in 1999 the Los Angeles Police Department stated that “the Homies where negative images that perpetuated negative stereotypes and glorify the gang life style (LA Times May 26, 1999)”.  As a result of the fact that:

1) The LAPD has far too much time on their hands; and

2)The LA Times was having a really slow news day on May 26, 1999;

Gonzales was rewarded with free press and Homies eventually exploded across the country.  In several interviews, Gonzales stated that he “did not create the Homies to glamorize gang life”.  Each Homie now has a unique bio that Gonzales developed as a part of his creative process and, despite initial perception, each bio centers on a positive and active community presence.

Most recently, several Homies have endured the unique and painful experience of traveling in my pant’s pockets across multiple international borders.  The stories they have witnessed are much stronger candidates for LAPD comment but still should not merit attention from the LA Times as they are fact-based and historically accurate.


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